Tips For Teaching Your Teen How to Drive

Sixteen is the best age to begin teaching your child how to drive. Once your child receives his or her learner’s permit and begins driver’s education, you can instruct them on how to park, maneuver through parking lots, and drive on the road. At Roadway Auto Insurance, a part of MAIF Insurance, we want new drivers to stay safe. Ensure your vehicle is covered and you’re teaching your teen how to drive with minimal stressors. We will review common tips to keep in mind when instructing your child.

Tips For Teaching Your Teen How to Drive

Tips For Instructing Your Teen How to Drive

Taking your time and minimizing distractions can help make teaching your child how to drive less stressful. Follow these tips when you begin to instruct your child:

Start Small

Begin your instruction in an empty parking lot. Once they ace parking and navigating the parking lot, begin teaching them on quiet roads. Eventually, your child can drive on the highway after enough hours on quieter roads.

Give Directions Carefully

Ensure you give your teen enough time to react to your directions. For example, if there is a turn coming up, remind them in advance. Don’t give vague directions or give directions at the last minute. Give directions clearly and ahead of time.

Gently Correct Them

Don’t yell at your child when they make a mistake. Gently correct them. You can also correct them in the form of a question, gently reminding them of the right way to drive. Getting angry or yelling will not help your child learn.

Minimize Distractions

Do not play any music when you’re teaching your child. Make sure that you and your teen do not use your phones during your lesson. Phones are a huge distraction, especially for teen drivers. It’s important that your child focuses solely on driving, and not on any other distractions, even music.

Plan Ahead of Time

You can plan where your teen will drive beforehand, ensuring that wherever you drive is not busy. Sundays can be a great time to schedule driving lessons when the roads are less crowded and office parking lots are empty. Once your child gets a hang of driving and parking in parking lots, gradually begin to take them on quiet streets.

Have Patience

Your child isn’t going to know all of the ins and outs of driving immediately. Be patient when they make mistakes and gently correct them. Yelling at your child will only add stress and anxiety, possibly impacting their driving in the process. Keep your cool and encourage your child with positive reinforcement.

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