Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

3 Easy Ways to Shop for Motorcycle Insurance

Roadway Auto Insurance makes it easy to shop for the best rates on motorcycle insurance in Maryland and Washington, DC. As one of the area’s leading My MD Auto Insurance providers, we offer a variety of options for affordable motorcycle insurance. We cover every type of bike and every rider, whether you are looking for liability coverage or comprehensive coverage.

We offer three easy ways to shop for motorcycle insurance: online, by phone, or in person. Roadway Insurance specializes in My MD Auto Insurance. Our providers are experts, friendly, and there when you need them. we can get you insurance at a rate you can afford. Whether your driving record is spotless, you are a new driver or you do not qualify for other insurance carriers.

Discount Motorcycle Insurance

Roadway Auto Insurance offers the most competitive rates for motorcycle coverage. You could qualify for motorcycle insurance discounts by insuring many vehicles with Roadway, maintaining a clean driving record, and paying your premiums on time.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

  • Safe Driver Discount
  • Discount for Completion of Motorcycle Safety Course
  • Riding Group Member Discount
  • Garage Kept Motorcycle Discount
  • And more!

Comprehensive Motorcycle Coverage

Roadway Insurance offers insurance for all types of motorcycles. This includes street bikes, custom motorcycles, choppers, cruisers, and dirt bikes. Furthermore, our motorcycle insurance specialists can provide you with a free motorcycle insurance quote on the coverage options that are right for you.

Maryland Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

The state of Maryland requires you to have minimum liability insurance for your motorcycle. This minimum requirement is 30/60/15:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $60,000 for bodily injury for two or more people
  • $15,000 for property damage

Are motorcycle insurance costs expensive?

Motorcycle insurance rates are typically higher than car insurance rates due to the larger risk of injury. Because of this, the average cost of a motorcycle accident is more than for an automobile. While there are some state-specific exceptions, most states require motorcycle riders to have both types of insurance: liability and accident.

Immediate Motorcycle Insurance Coverage with Roadway Insurance

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Motorcycle insurance is not something that everyone is eligible for. You must first ensure that you are the right age, have a good driving record, and have a motorcycle of the required size. If you have had insurance for a motorcycle in the past, you are likely to qualify with some insurance agencies.

Roadway Auto Insurance can give you low-cost motorcycle insurance with immediate coverage. We are Maryland and DC’s leading car and motorcycle insurance provider with convenient locations to better serve you. When you call us, we will answer all of your questions, such as the ones below.

  • How to find the best motorcycle insurance rates in Maryland.
  • What type of coverage should you choose for your bike?
  • What are the different types of motorcycles, and how does it affect the cost of your insurance?
  • Why you should get motorcycle insurance before getting a bike.
  • Who qualifies for discounts on their policy?

My MD Auto proudly serves all of Maryland and Washington, DC. This includes Annapolis, Baltimore, Capitol Heights, Columbia, Frederick, Hyattsville, Laurel, Silver Spring, as well as the Maryland Eastern Shore.

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Motorcycle insurance can vary based on your bike type and other factors. Learn more about motorcycle insurance by reading the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bike insurance.

How do companies calculate motorcycle insurance costs?

There are many factors that go into this calculation. We’ll analyze the safety features and the crash and theft rates for that particular motorcycle model. If you’ve done any upgrades or modifications to the bike, those factor into the calculation as well.

Which motorcycles are more expensive to insure?

Sport bikes, also called supersport and street bikes, are usually more expensive to insure than other types. These kinds of motorcycles are more expensive to purchase, making their insurance costs higher. They’re also the most likely motorcycles to be involved in wrecks or street thefts.

Are older motorcycles less expensive to insure?

It depends on the type of bike. Older bikes aren’t as powerful and aren’t as risky to drive. But they can be more costly to repair or replace parts on because they’re harder to find. It mostly depends on the bike’s power and how rare it is.

Why is motorcycle insurance so expensive?

Motorcycle insurance can seem expensive compared to other types of insurance. Bikes are more prone to accidents and more dangerous to ride. They’re more vulnerable to accidents, theft, and damage, so more claims are often made for them. The rider is more vulnerable while driving a motorcycle than they are a car, too. Motorcycle riders succumb to more severe injuries and have higher medical costs associated with them.

However, it will usually be cheaper than car insurance. Even though motorcycles have a higher rate of damage and injury, claims are still going to be smaller than that of something for cars because the structure is much bigger. Motorcycles are worth less than a car.

Does my age impact the cost of my motorcycle insurance?

It can. Teens are usually more expensive to insure because they’re new drivers. But an older, inexperienced driver will also be more expensive to insure. It depends on how long you’ve had your motorcycle license and how experienced you are with a bike. A 40-year-old who just got their motorcycle license will be more expensive to insure than a 30-year-old who’s been riding all their life.

Does motorcycle insurance cover other riders on my motorcycle?

It all depends on the type of coverage you have. Other riders may not be covered if you have the minimum liability. It can depend on if the rider is with you operating the motorcycle, or if another rider borrows your motorcycle and operates it themselves.

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