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Car Insurance in Maryland & Washington DC

Since 1992, Roadway Auto has provided drivers in Maryland and Washington DC with affordable, reliable coverage. Even though we are one of the largest auto insurance agencies in the Baltimore Washington metropolitan area, we still offer personal attention and excellent customer service.

Our Auto Insurance Services:

Roadway Is An Authorized Progressive Provider

Roadway Auto Insurance is now a Progressive authorized provider for all of Maryland and DC. We offer discounts for prior coverage, paperless delivery options, and electronic fund transfers. For questions on how to obtain Progressive insurance through Roadway, contact one of our Roadway auto insurance specialists.

Cheap Car Insurance In Maryland

Whether you need to get back on the road or just want to save money on car insurance, Roadway has the coverage you need. If you have a good driving record and want to find the cheapest car insurance rates in Maryland, let Roadway Auto find the right fit. We represent many auto insurance carriers. This gives you more options than you’ll find with your average car insurance provider.

Even if you are a new driver, have a bad driving record, or your car insurance company turned you down, Roadway can get you back on the road again. Maryland law requires you to carry car insurance for your vehicle. Roadway Auto can save you money by helping you select the minimum coverage. Even high-risk drivers can get affordable coverage with My MD Auto insurance.

Maryland RV & Motorcycle Insurance

You need auto insurance no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. Whether you drive a truck, car, motorcycle, or RV, Roadway Auto will give you the right coverage at the right cost. When you insure many vehicles with Roadway Auto, you can save money on your auto insurance.

3 Easy Ways to Shop for My MD Auto

We make it easy for you to shop for car insurance: Online, By Phone, or In-Person. Roadway Auto has convenient locations throughout Maryland and Washington DC.

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