My Maryland Auto Insurance (MAIF)

Regarding Maryland Auto Insurance (formerly “MAIF”), Roadway Auto Insurance is the leading provider in the Baltimore metro area. We have helped thousands of drivers get back on the road in Maryland with the highest customer satisfaction. Start today by calling 301-GET-MAIF.

What is My MD Auto, formerly MAIF?

The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, or MAIF, was established in 1972 by the state of Maryland. The goal is to provide auto liability insurance to Maryland State residents who can’t obtain insurance otherwise. The program rebranded as “My MD Auto” but still provides leading affordable car insurance.

My MD auto offers insurance to drivers whom insurance companies consider high-risk. Our insurance plans are also for drivers whom private insurers have denied coverage to. It serves as a last resort for individuals that face challenges securing auto insurance elsewhere. Factors like a poor driving record and high risk-related issues contribute to these challenges.

MAIF aims to ensure that all Maryland drivers have access to the required auto insurance coverage. They promote road safety and compliance with state laws.

Why Choose Roadway for MAIF Auto Insurance

  • We make it Easy – At Roadway Insurance, you will get hassle-free service. We offer free quotes for MAIF auto insurance over the phone, online, or in person. Our providers select the right MAIF auto insurance coverage for you so you get the best value for your money.
  • Immediate Coverage – Maryland law requires drivers to have minimum auto liability insurance. Roadway Insurance provides quick and affordable My MD Auto quotes with immediate coverage. Once approved, coverage is effective immediately, allowing drivers to meet the state’s insurance requirements promptly. We turn no one down!
  • Affordable MAIF Insurance – Roadway Insurance is a top MAIF auto insurance provider in Maryland. We have the ability to offer the best prices on My MD Auto insurance with flexible down-payment options.

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My MD Auto FAQs

The name may have changed, but you still get the same coverage. Learn more by reading the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Who needs My MD Auto Insurance?

My MD Auto insurance is for any Maryland driver who cannot obtain car insurance from the private market. MAIF insurance does not turn anyone down because of their driving record. We can still cover you even if you have multiple offenses.

My MD Auto Insurance Requirements:

  • Maryland state resident
  • Licensed in the state of Maryland or have a current Maryland registration
  • Unable to obtain Maryland car insurance through a private carrier

Are high-risk drivers eligible for My MD Auto Insurance?

Yes, high-risk drivers are eligible for coverage through the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF), or My MD Auto. Roadway Insurance can insure ALL drivers in Maryland, even those who are high-risk drivers. MAIF provides insurance options to individuals who face challenges obtaining coverage in the private market because of a bad driving record or other risk factors.

As long as you have a license, we can insure you through MAIF. It doesn’t matter how many tickets or accidents you’ve had. Contact Roadway Insurance, your knowledgeable car insurance agent, to explore coverage options tailored to high-risk drivers in Maryland.

How can I get the cheapest rate on My MD Auto Insurance?

Roadway Auto Insurance offers the cheapest rates on MAIF auto insurance. We also offer discounts for drivers who insure multiple vehicles, maintain safe driving records, and maintain continuous coverage. You can further reduce your MAIF auto insurance rate by carrying the minimum requirements for auto insurance and selecting a high deductible.

What does the name change mean if I have a MAIF policy?

Nothing, we still offer the cheapest rates and same high-quality coverage! Your policy is the same as it always was, and the same people still manage it. The name of the insurance program is now just a little bit easier for everyone to remember.

What’s the best way to get My MD Auto Insurance?

Simply call us, fill out our online form, or visit one of our offices to get the coverage you need. Each individual has different needs, and we customize the plans for each person. An agent works with you directly to ensure you have the right amount of coverage.

How do I get car insurance in Maryland if I have a bad driving record?

If you have a bad driving record in Maryland, you can get insurance through the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF). MAIF provides coverage to high-risk drivers that private insurers usually deny. Roadway Auto Insurance is a local car insurance company who provides the MAIF program. You should still work to improve your driving record to eventually qualify for lower premiums.

Find a Roadway Auto Insurance location near you to obtain MAIF coverage. We have convenient locations throughout Maryland and Washington DC to serve the entire area. We serve Annapolis, Baltimore, College Park, Upper Marlboro, Western Maryland and the Eastern Shore.

You can shop for My MD Auto Insurance on our website, by phone, or in person. Find a location near you or contact us today.

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