Emergency Roadside Services

For towing assistance call: 1-800-745-5791

Roadway Insurance offers car insurance policies with optional emergency roadside assistance. We work with National Safe Drivers to offer affordable roadside assistance and towing services that can be added to your policy.

Roadside assistance and towing is highly recommended for clients who have older vehicles which may be more likely to break down, or who have lengthy commutes. This type of benefit provides 24 hour “peace of mind” in the event of an emergency and assures that you will be rescued and taken to the nearest facility to address your mechanical problem.

Our roadside assistance option includes the following key benefits:

  • Route mapping: convenient for vacation travel, you can request an exact route to your destination
  • Lost key or lockout assistance: a life saver for those inconvenient times that you lock yourself out of your car
  • Battery assistance: tightening of cables, minor alternator adjustments and jumpstarts
  • Tire changing service: free tire changing with your spare
  • Mechanical assistance: minor roadside mechanical service (ie-changing hoses) to get your vehicle running (you are responsible for price of parts)

For additional information and pricing, contact your Roadway Insurance agent. We will be happy to help you determine which benefits are most suited to your lifestyle and budget.

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