Tips For Teen Drivers

Safety TIps for Teen DriversDid you know that motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of death for U.S. teens? Teen crashes are often preventable when proper safety measures are taken. Roadway Insurance offers tips for teen drivers to ensure their safety behind the wheel. Read more below:

Put Cellphones Away

Texting and driving is a huge distraction for drivers of all ages. When your teen is new to driving, it’s important that they focus on the task at hand. Keeping the cellphone out of reach will prevent them from being tempted to use it while driving. Red lights, stop signs, and intersections usually tempt teens to reach for their phones to check their messages. This is why we highly suggest storing the cellphone in a zipped bag, out of reach from the driver’s side. If your teen needs their phone for GPS purposes, phone stands are available to hold the phone in an upright position so that they can see the directions without needing to hold the phone in their hands as they drive.

Know The Rules Of The Road

A lot of teen drivers simply do not know all of the rules of the road just yet. Even after passing a driving test, there are many nuances to driving that are hard to grasp until they are in a situation in which they need to know them. Quiz your teen on the rules of the road when you are in a unique driving situation, such as merging onto the interstate or approaching a stoplight that is out of order. You can also ask them to identify road signs and their meanings, as they have likely not encountered all of them at the beginning of their driving journey. There are all kinds of fun ways you can help your team learn driving protocols while they are riding with you, or while you are in the passenger’s seat.

Keep Them Covered

Now that your teen is driving, make sure that they have the proper coverage to help keep them safe behind the wheel. If accidents happen, it’s important that your teen is covered. Roadway Insurance is a comprehensive insurance provider, offering Maryland drivers a one-stop shop for all things car insurance. We can even help your teen with tag and title services for their first care. To learn more about how you can keep your teen driver safe behind the wheel, free resources and information on teen driving are available at the National Teen Driver Safety Week or CDC Transportation Safety websites.

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