Tips For Preparing Your Car For Colder Weather

Maryland auto insurance providerAt Roadway Insurance, your insurance provider in Maryland, we encourage our customers to drive safely at all times of the year. However, the colder months can put additional strain on your car. It’s important to be prepared for the colder weather ahead of us. Here are our best tips for preparing your car for the colder weather:

Check Your Tires

Your tires are heavily impacted by the colder weather. Low air pressure in your tires can result in too much of the tire’s surface area touching the road, which increases friction and may lead to a blowout. The last thing you want to deal with this holiday season is a blowout in the middle of an icy road. Your tires lose or gain 1-2 pounds per square inch for every 10℉ change in temperature. This is why it is so important to inflate your tires during the colder months to avoid decreasing the lifespan of your tires and putting you and yourself at risk while on the road. Additionally, you should check the tread on your tires to ensure they will have enough grip on the road when driving through snow or icy conditions. Consider purchasing snow tires if you live in an area heavily impacted by snow.

Inspect Your Battery

Car batteries are more likely to die in the winter. Drivers should have their car batteries checked before hitting the roads during colder weather. Keeping your car active during the winter months will help maintain your battery’s charge. Running your car for at least ten minutes a day is a good way to maintain a smooth start. Once starting your call starts to stall, take your car to a repair shop right away for further evaluation. The weaker your battery is, the warmer it has to be to make sure you can start your car, showing you just how important it is to inspect your battery and change it out if necessary when cold weather arrives. If you’re concerned about preventing a frozen battery from occurring this winter, consider investing in a thermal blanket for your car.

Drive With Caution

Winter presents a lot of challenges to drivers, and user error is the fastest way to ruin a vehicle. Remember to turn your headlights on immediately when you get into the car. It gets dark extremely quickly during the colder months, and if you find yourself on the road without your headlights on, you may suddenly find yourself driving in the dark after a quick sunset. Make sure to drive slowly wherever there is a risk for ice on the roads. Be prepared for additional holiday traffic that may add time to road trips or commutes. Additionally, drivers should ensure that they have the insurance coverage they need just in case something does happen. If you are a Maryland driver in need of affordable insurance, consider learning more about Roadway Insurance. Request a free quote today.


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