Is Your Driver’s License Suspended?

Is your driver’s license suspended? There are a number of reasons for driver’s license suspension including accumulating too many driving record points, being medically unfit (determined by the Medical Advisory Board), failing to pay a traffic ticket or tickets, refusing to take an alcohol breath test, violating a driver’s license restriction and driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI).

The duration of the suspension and the reinstatement requirements will vary depending on the violation. If your driver’s license has been suspended by the MVA, you’ll need to satisfy your suspension requirements to have it reinstated.

Suspension Durations

Your license can be suspended for a minimum of 6 months if you have violated a driver’s license restriction, have not met court requirements, have failed to satisfy a traffic citation or have accumulated too many driving points on your driving record. If you refused to submit to an alcohol test and to depend on the circumstances of the incident, the duration of the suspension could last anywhere from 45 days to 1 year. If you have had several suspensions, you will have to wait for 6 – 24 months to reinstate your driver’s license. Depending on your offense, you may also receive additional court suspensions and other penalties.

Ways to Reinstate Your Driver’s License

To reinstate your suspended driver license, you will need to:

  • Complete a Driver Improvement Program, if necessary.
  • Satisfy the requirements of a citation, if applicable.
  • Pay any applicable fees or fines.

You may also need to apply for a duplicate driver’s license when you reinstate your license.

Increased Insurance Premiums

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