New Maryland Laws: Roads & Motor Vehicles

New Maryland Auto Laws in Effect

Roadway Auto Insurance believes that it is important for our customers to be aware of and understand Maryland Motor Vehicle laws along with Maryland State Highway rules and regulations. As of October 1, 2018, the following laws have changed or been implemented:

  • Disability placards expire when someone dies and can be issued to nonresidents in Maryland for medical treatment.
  • Some people with a learner’s permit can take a provisional driver’s license test sooner than before.
  • The Motor Vehicle Administration can provide birth certificate copies if they are on record with the Maryland Department of Health.
  • Parking a disabled, inoperable or immobilized vehicle on a public street for more than seven days is now prohibited in Washington County.
  • The State Highway Administration can sell naming rights of public rest areas to private entities.
  • The Maryland Transportation Authority is renaming the Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge. It will now be called the Harry W. Nice/Thomas “Mac” Middleton Bridge.
  • The “Move Over” law has expanded to include waste/recycling trucks and transportation, service and utility vehicles with yellow/amber flashing lights or signal devices; already covered under the law are tow trucks, emergency response vehicles, and law enforcement vehicles.
    • A violation of the Move Over law is a misdemeanor.
    • The fine is $110, and the Motor Vehicle Administration must assess one point against the driver’s license.
    • If the violation contributes to a crash, the fine is $150 and three points against the driver’s license.
    • If the violation results in death or serious bodily injury, the fine is $750.
  • Snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles are allowed on parts of some highways in Allegany County at 25 mph.
  • Non-airport taxicab drivers cannot solicit passengers at the airport; they may go to a parking lot.

The team at Roadway Auto Insurance will not only keep you informed about Maryland Driving laws, but we will also provide you with top-notch customer service for your auto insurance needs. Contact us today for a free quote so you can get on the road!

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