Don’t Block the Box Traffic Legislation

If you live or work in Baltimore City, you should be aware that a new law was passed that will allow police and traffic enforcement officers to issue tickets to drivers who block downtown Baltimore intersections with their cars. If you are caught “Blocking the Box” you will receive a ticket for $125!

The “Don’t Block the Box” legislation sponsored by City Council President Jack Young (Bernard C. Young) is the result of complaints from downtown pedestrians, bikers, and drivers who commute to and from downtown Baltimore daily. While no particular intersection has been targeted, the most complaints received were at Baltimore, Calvert, Charles, Light, Lombard, and Pratt street intersections.

Baltimore City “Don’t Block the Box” PSA

Originally, the Baltimore City Department of Transportation (DOT) pushed to have a state law enforced that called for a $90 fine along with a point on the driver’s license. Concerns were raised regarding incorrect traffic light synchronization which is much to blame for the chaotic traffic jams in the city. Councilmen Young addressed those concerns and proposed legislation that the offense be within the city limits and without points to the driver’s license.

How Will the “Blocking the Box Traffic Law Affect You?

You may not accumulate any points if you receive a ticket for “blocking the box,” however, if you are a repeat offender, you may be subject to other sanctions if you are required to go to traffic court. It could also affect your auto insurance rates. Drivers should stay up to date on the current requirements for auto insurance and traffic and transportation laws to avoid fines and additional motor vehicle fees.

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