Back to School Driving Tips

With school back in session, ensuring you’re driving safely is important, especially when kids go to and from school. Paying attention to the road, crosswalks, and school buses will keep you and others safe. At Roadway Auto Insurance in Maryland, we want drivers to know what to look out for when driving during the school season.

Back to School Driving Tips

Driving Safety Tips: Back to School

Follow these tips to ensure that you’re driving as safely as possible when you’re in neighborhoods and on school roads:

Be Aware of School Schedules

Keep note of the time you’re driving, especially if your neighborhood has a school. You can schedule your time to avoid traffic from pick-ups and drop-offs, but sometimes, you can encounter traffic from after-school activities. Be patient if you encounter traffic, and be courteous to other drivers.

Stop For Buses

If you’re driving behind a bus, stop when the stop sign is out. When you begin driving again, drive slowly and look for children crossing the road. Give the bus some space, and always be cautious if the bus has flashing lights.

Look for School Signs

Pay attention to speed limits if you’re driving past a school. Not all schools have the same speed limit. If you are in a new area, it’s always best to pay attention to road signs; you may need to slow down suddenly, especially near a school.

Use Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones

Use the designated drop-off and pick-up zones when dropping your children off at school. It’s dangerous to drop off your children if you are across from these zones or across the street from the school, as your children may need to cross busy streets.

Be Aware of Crosswalks and Crossing Guards

You always need to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. Also, ensure you’re paying attention to pedestrians on the sidewalk looking to cross, even if they’re jaywalking. Follow the crossing guards’ directions when driving on the school premises to ensure you drive safely if students begin crossing.

Limit Distractions

It’s always a good idea to limit your distractions when driving. Using the phone when driving is an emerging cause of accidents. If you need to take a call, pull over. Do not text when driving; even shifting your attention to the road for a second can cause an accident. Additionally, if you need to use your GPS, turn on the sound so you can get audio instructions and don’t need to look at your phone’s map.

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