Driver Testimonials for Roadway Insurance

Keeping your vehicle insured can prevent fees and even license suspension if you get in an accident. At Roadway Insurance, we’re here to help Maryland drivers get the coverage they need and stay insured. We can help you find the right type of auto insurance for your vehicle and budget in Maryland. Learn what other drivers have to say about the service they received from Roadway Auto Insurance in locations around Maryland.

Driver Testimonials for Roadway Insurance

Reviews From Your Car Insurance Provider in Maryland

“Today I called in, and John was very helpful. Very nice gentleman, outstanding, outgoing, and always does his due diligence. I’m always grateful to call to hear his voice. Thank you so much. Appreciate you.”

-Mahogany C.


“Roadway is amazing! I’m a young driver and have been looking for insurance that I feel like I can 100% confide in, and Roadway has gone above and beyond to show that. Starting with the customer service ladies, they are so sweet and answered all my questions to the agent breaking down my coverages + roadside assistance, and I didn’t even have to go in! Very convenient, Insurance, TAGS & TITLE all in one place.

-Josselyn V.


“Been with Roadway Insurance for 5 years, nothing but great service and excellent prices. Thanks for taking care of my insurance needs.”

-Tori S


“Johnny G. is the best agent in Maryland! Been with Roadway for 12 years! Shout out to Audrey, she always takes care of my tags for me! Would give 10 stars if I could!”

-Sam M.


“Everyone is so helpful! I never have trouble connecting with my agent and get questions answered. It was so easy and fast to get insured, I was even able to get tags done at the same time. Kevin was very professional and explained everything so clearly. Highly recommend getting insured with them!”



“I have been a customer for a very long time and the service remains great and consistent. My agent Azia is always willing to go above and beyond to assist me and ensure I am getting quality service. She is pleasant and knowledgeable and makes the process or renewing my insurance easy.”

-Felicia B.


“Great customer service and super fast. I was able to get insurance and tags for my vehicle. The convenience was awesome but the staff make it so much better. Roadway is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for fast and great customer service.”

-Neida G.


“Roadway has been my insurance for many years. They are the best to deal with and always helpful! And they do tag and title so that makes my experiences even better…everything is convenient!”

-J. M.


“Quick and very polite over the phone service, they gave me the best quote around and they are very helpful.”

-Brandon M.

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