Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

affordable full coverage car insurance in Maryland.April showers are right around the corner. At Roadway Insurance, we help drivers with bad driving records, or risky first-time drivers get affordable full coverage car insurance in Maryland. We want to make sure our customers are prepared to safely drive in stormy weather.  Learn some of our best safety tips for driving in the rain below:

Maintain A Clean Vehicle

Rain will impede your vision enough, so make sure you regularly clean your windows and windshields to ensure dirt, mud, or streaks are minimized. Check your brake lights, headlights, and taillights regularly to avoid malfunctioning lights when you may need them the most. Operating without all appropriate vehicle lights is a hazard for you and your fellow drivers in addition to a ticketable offense. Most importantly, remember to switch out your windshield wipers once every six months to avoid ineffectiveness due to long-term wear. Doing all of these routine maintenances on your car will ensure that when stormy weather comes, you will be able to maintain visibility if you are on the road.

Drive Extra Carefully

While you may feel confident driving in the rain, other drivers may not feel similarly. It’s important to leave additional room between your vehicle and other cars while driving in the rain. Drive slowly, even if you must maintain a speed beneath the speed limit. Avoid using cruise control on wet roads. Make sure that your lights are turned on so that you are fully visible to other drivers. If the lines on the roads are not visible, you should pull over as soon as possible to avoid unsafe driving conditions. Most importantly, remember that it is okay to stay home when the weather conditions may impact your driving safety. If you hydroplane, continue to steer in the direction that you want to go. It may take several tries, but remaining calm and being informed on what to do when you hydroplane can help prevent major accidents.

Need Insurance?

If you are a Maryland driver in need of affordable car insurance, contact Roadway Auto Insurance. Roadway Auto Insurance is a Maryland-based insurance agency that provides drivers in Maryland with affordable car, motorcycle, and truck insurance. Get a free MAIF quote today to learn more about how we can help get you back on the road.

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