3 Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage

maryland auto insuranceOne of the common complaints that Maryland drivers have is poor gas mileage. At Roadway Auto Insurance, we understand that you want to get the most out of a full tank of gas. We’ve compiled 3 simple tips to help you make the most out of your gas mileage. Learn more below:

Upgrade Your Ride

It may be time to pursue a new vehicle for yourself. More fuel-efficient vehicles have been designed in recent years to compete with fluctuating gas prices. Also, consider that older vehicles can cost more to insure because they can be more expensive to repair due to hard-to-find parts. When you upgrade your ride, you can save thousands on fuel costs and you can potentially save money on your car insurance as well. Additionally, new cars come with the latest safety features and are likely to be more reliable. While a hybrid, a plug-in, or an all-electric EV offer the best solutions for fuel efficiency, even new standard gas-powered cars can significantly improve your gas mileage and reduce your car’s level of emissions.

Practice Safe Driving Habits

Not only is it dangerous to frequently speed or slam on brakes but it is also costly. Most vehicles get the best gas mileage at certain speeds. By avoiding rapid acceleration and deceleration, you can make the most of the fuel in your gas tank. Other benefits of safe driving include putting less wear and tear on your car and tires. Aggressive driving habits put a lot of extra wear on your vehicle while gradual acceleration gives you more time to help you avoid traffic accidents and speeding tickets. Additionally, Roadway Insurance offers savings opportunities for safe drivers. The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund providers can help drivers with clean records save with our Safe Driver discount.

Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter is the toughest season on your car and your gas mileage. If you can reduce the amount that you use your car in the winter, this will help tremendously. Warming a car takes a lot of gas and can drain your tank very quickly. It also takes longer for your engine to reach its most fuel-efficient temperature.  Heated seats, window defrosters, and heater fans also require excess energy and should only be used in moderation. Do your best to park your car in warmer areas like garages or parking decks to reduce how much time your car spends in the winter weather. For more information on how to winterize your vehicle, click here.

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