Safety Tips for Uber Drivers

Maryland Auto Insurance Did you know that Uber drivers have collectively completed 10 billion trips worldwide? If you are an uber driver, it’s important to protect yourself and your riders while on the job. Here are some safety tips for uber drivers to consider:

Stay Focused While Driving

Distracted driving causes many car accidents these days. Actions like texting while driving, talking on the phone, or playing excessively loud music can take away from your ability to stay focused while driving. It’s important to reduce your risks of distracted driving. One of the ways rideshare drivers can do so is to mount their phones in an upright position for GPS purposes so that they can keep both hands on the wheel at all times. Tell your friends and loved ones when you will be driving and for how long so that they are aware that you are working during this time. Additionally, if you must take a phone call, pull over between rides to use your phone before picking up your next rider.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

You can avoid many accidents by being aware of your surroundings while driving. Resist the temptation to tune out while driving as this could affect your response time to other driver’s risky decisions. Many drivers will make sudden moves around interstate exists or busy intersections, switching lanes without notice or swerving around other vehicles to get to where they need to be. By staying alert while you drive, you can give yourself enough time to respond to these actions without endangering you, your riders, and your vehicle. Remember to also watch out for pedestrians and cyclists, especially when you are in low-traffic areas.

Insure Your Car

At Roadway Auto Insurance, we can help rideshare drivers obtain the insurance they need to cover what their ridesharing company does not. If you are working for a rideshare company, it is important to find an auto insurance policy that keeps you and your passengers protected during all phases of the ride. In the rideshare market, traditional auto insurance policies won’t suffice if an accident occurs during the beginning phase when the driver is logged in and waiting for a ride request. Our team at Roadway Insurance can work with you to explore your options and find the right protection for your vehicle. To learn more about your ridesharing coverage, call 301.476.1183 or contact us online for a free quote.

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