3 Tips For A Successful Road Trip

road trip safetyNow that summer is here, many people are packing their trunks and heading out on road trips. Whether you are visiting friends, going on a beach vacation, or just traveling around by car, it’s important to prepare your vehicle to ensure a safe and fun road trip. Nothing puts a damper on your summer plans like car problems; however, many issues can be avoided with proper planning. Here are our three best tips for preparing your car for a successful road trip:

Check Your Engine Oil Levels

It’s easy to forget about getting an oil change if you’ve had a busier to-do list lately. However, to properly prepare for your road trip, you should check and see when you are due for an oil change. If you are close to or past the recommended oil change date, go ahead and do it before your trip occurs.  Long drives put stress on all aspects of your vehicle. Getting an oil change will help to reduce and remove any excess dirt that can build up in your engine from use. By doing this, you are guaranteeing yourself a more efficient running engine just in time for your trip.

Evaluate Your Tires

A flat tire is sure to ruin a good road trip. Checking on your tires before you head out can greatly benefit your itinerary. Check the air pressure in your tires as well as your tread.  Using a tire pressure gauge, compare the current pressure to your vehicle’s recommended inflation pressure. If it is too low, this may lead to wasted fuel and hotter tires. If it is too high, this may lead to a blowout. Most gas stations have air pumps available which will help you level out your pressure and ensure it is good to go. For checking your tire tread, simply place a penny inside the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, this is a good sign that you may need new tires altogether.

Double-Check Your Insurance

It is illegal to drive a car without insurance. Make sure that before you set out on an upcoming trip that you have the insurance policies required for your state. Roadway Insurance specializes in auto insurance. We work with a variety of carriers to offer more options than other local car insurance companies in Maryland or DC. Whether you need MAIF, My MD Auto, liability, or comprehensive car insurance, we can help you find insurance products that fit your needs and your budget. Contact us today to get a free quote! 


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