Motorcycle Spring Safety Checklist

The weather is warming, which means motorcycle drivers are itching to get out on the road. Most motorcycles have been stored over the winter months, which means you need to check your vehicle before taking it out. Like all vehicles, motorcycles require maintenance, and disuse during the winter can mean your motorcycle may need work before it is safe to drive. Roadway Auto Insurance, an insurance provider in Maryland, offers tips to ensure your motorcycle is safe to drive this spring.motorcycle auto insurance maryland

Refuel your vehicle

If you filled your tank with gasoline a few months ago, it is time to refuel. Gasoline can thicken after six or more weeks without being touched. This can clog passageways in your motorcycle that can result in costly repair work. Draining old fuel and refilling your tank with fresh gasoline can ensure your motorcycle is ready to drive. You should check your oil as well, as low oil levels can cause gears to grind together without necessary lubrication.

Pay attention to details

As your motorcycle sits in disuse for the cold winter months, it is not necessarily preserved. Air pressure could have depleted from tires in this time. This can make tires harder to handle on the road and more susceptible to wear and tear. You could find yourself with a flat tire on your first ride of the spring. Washing your motorcycle is a good way to ensure your vehicle looks its best, but you can also spot small potential problems that can affect your ride. A thorough examination of your motorcycle before riding can prevent larger issues down the road.

Take it easy

Your vehicle may need some maintenance after months without use, but the driver may also need some time to get back in the swing of things. Try a short practice route before taking your motorcycle for a longer ride. This way, you can ensure your brakes are working properly and the ride is smooth. You should also be aware of pedestrians who are taking advantage of springtime weather changes too. With more people, pets, and other vehicles on the road as temperatures improve, you should take caution as you operate your motorcycle.

Cover your vehicle with auto insurance in Maryland

Roadway Auto Insurance provides insurance coverage for cars and motorcycles throughout Maryland. Drivers can get a quote for a policy that works best for them, and we offer MAIF coverage to qualified individuals. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 301.476.1183.

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