5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Auto Drivers

Warm weather is upon us, and with it comes motorcycle riders. While many motorcycle riders are safe and responsible, the auto drivers on the road are responsible for safety as well. Roadway Insurance, a MAIF insurance company, offers these helpful tips for auto drivers to ensure safe driving for all.maif insurance

1. Take Note of Your Blind Spots

One of the biggest dangers to motorcyclists can be your blind spots. Auto blind spots can be even worse when dealing with motorcycles, as they’re even smaller and harder to see than cars. Use your mirrors when you’re making a turn or merging into traffic. Be sure to do a visual check as well. Know your blind spots and check them as well as you can visually.

2. Don’t Tailgate

Tailgating can impact a motorcycle even more than it can impact a car. If an emergency were to happen in front of them where they needed to brake quickly, rear-ending them can cause a lot of harm. This is especially true if they have a passenger on the back. Give them the space they need. They can also react faster than the car can — an extra argument for space.

3. Stay Vigilant With Turn Signals

This goes for both yours and theirs. Unlike cars, motorcycles don’t always have a system to automatically shut off their turn signals. There’s a chance that that turn signal you see could’ve accidentally been left on. Avoid getting close or speeding up to get around them quicker. Make sure the turn signal is real so you don’t cause a collision.

While this goes for every time you drive, be especially careful to use turn signals during motorcycle season. This makes it easier for them to be prepared for your next move and do the appropriate action.

4. Watch for Lane Changes

Motorcycles may do more frequent lane changes than cars — but they do it for a reason. If there’s debris or things on the road, motorcycles are more susceptible to damage or wrecking if they hit them. Even though it may be something that a car could easily drive over, like smaller sticks from a tree, it could be hazardous for a motorcycle. Stay vigilant of motorcycles’ movements. It may help you avoid debris yourself.

5. Be Cautious With Bad Weather

Bad weather impacts motorcycles more than it does cars. They often don’t have a windshield to fully protect their face, let alone wipers. If it’s windy, they’ll also have trouble keeping their bike steady and on the road. While many motorcyclists don’t go out in this weather, some may not have a choice. Make sure you give them the extra distance in these conditions.

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