What’s Included With Emergency Roadside Services?

Roadway Insurance is a provider of MAIF insurance throughout all of Maryland. With some of our policies, we have the option for you to add on optional emergency roadside services. This is to help you out if you get into any unexpected mishaps that may leave you stranded on the side of the road or unable to get into your vehicle. Roadway explains what all is included with their emergency roadside services plan.maif insurance

24-Hour Assistance

With emergency roadside services, someone is available to assist you at all times. You don’t have to worry about it being the middle of the night if you have an issue. We’ll have someone there to help you in no time.

Route Mapping

You can’t help it if your phone dies or you’re having an issue with your GPS. With route mapping services, you can request a direct route to your destination. This is convenient when you’re going to an important event or interview that’s somewhere you’ve never been before, as well as when you’re exploring somewhere new on vacation.

Lockout and Lost Key Assistance

We’ve all locked ourselves out of the car at least once. If you manage to lose your car key in the mall or can see it staring at you from your front seat, our lockout assistance team can get you back in your car and on the way to your destination.

Tire Changing

One of the most important skills we usually aren’t taught in school is how to change a tire. Many of us unfortunately still don’t know how, and we’re well into adulthood. If you have medical issues or an injury, you also may be unable to change the tire by yourself. Our technicians can come to help you get out your spare tire and get you on the road until you can get a full replacement tire.

Battery Help

If your battery dies and you don’t have jumper cables or someone to help, we can come to get your car jumpstarted for you. Our technicians can also take a look at the battery and make sure all connections and cables are solid so that you don’t have any problems with them in the near future.

Towing and Mechanical Assistance

Your car may require very minor mechanical assistance to get it running, like changing a hose. While you’ll have to pay for parts, it’ll get your car back driving on the road again. If your car isn’t going to be an easy fix, we can coordinate with towing services to get your car to a place where they’re able to address the issues that are wrong with it.

MAIF Insurance Emergency Roadside Services

MAIF insurance comes with more perks than just simple insurance. Make sure you’re covered. Call us today, contact us online, or request a free quote!

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