Is MAIF Insurance the Best Choice for Me?

Not everyone can qualify for private car insurance. That’s why in 1972, the state of Maryland began to offer coverage under the Maryland Auto Insurance Fund, often referred to as MAIF. Now car insurance is available to all drivers. This coordinates with the Maryland law that it is illegal to operate a vehicle without insurance. If you are searching for car insurance, you can learn more about MAIF from Roadway Auto car insurance maryland

Who qualifies for MAIF insurance?

MAIF has three conditions that must be met to provide coverage:

  • Must be a Maryland resident
  • Must be licensed in the state of Maryland or hold current Maryland registration
  • Unable to obtain insurance through a private carrier

As long as these three requirements apply to you, you can be covered through MAIF. Private insurers might not cover individuals who are deemed high-risk drivers or have accrued penalties through a lapse in insurance coverage. MAIF does not reject licensed drivers based on the number of tickets or accidents you have incurred. These drivers who have lost coverage are ideal candidates for MAIF insurance.

How quickly can I be covered?

You can obtain immediate coverage under MAIF with Roadway. A Roadway representative specializes in auto insurance and will assist you with no hassle in setting up the perfect plan for your needs. Our staff is accessible and can help you get a quote quickly over the phone, online, or in-person in one of our Maryland offices. When it comes to car insurance, efficiency is important. The sooner you get insurance, the sooner you return to a reliable mode of transportation.

Are discounts available?

MAIF is affordable with Roadway, an authorized MAIF provider. Roadway also offers discounts to drivers covered by MAIF or other car insurance. Drivers insuring multiple vehicles, those with safe driving habits, and continued coverage customers all qualify for discounts with Roadway. Roadway also works with you to determine the best payment plan for your unique needs. You can lower your insurance rate by selecting a plan with minimum requirements and a higher deductible. You can also use an installment plan to pay for your premium after a down payment. However, a 5% discount is available to customers who pay their premium in full.

MAIF insurance and more in Maryland

To learn if you qualify for MAIF coverage or discover the best car insurance options for you, contact Roadway Auto Insurance. You can reach our office online or by phone at 301.476.1183.

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