Snow Tires or All-Season?

As winter approaches it’s time to decide if you want winter or all-season tires on your vehicle. You want to make sure that you’re safe but you also don’t specifically want to buy winter tires if you don’t need them. Roadway Insurance, Inc., a MAIF insurance provider, wants to make sure you’re set for winter. Read below for a insurance

The Rise of the All-Season Tire

It used to be typical to change out your winter and summer tires if you lived in an area with snow. But in the 70s, something called the all-season tire was introduced. Companies jumped on it and began fitting their cars with all-season tires at the factory. When people are buying replacement tires, they’re often all-season as well. But do they really hold up in the snow as well as a winter tire?

Still a Decent Difference

As of now, the all-season tires definitely don’t perform as well in the snow when it comes to taking corners and braking. While the all-season is admirable, it just doesn’t cut it as well in these conditions. However, with winter tires, you’ll still definitely have to swap them out for all-season or summer tires in warmer weather. Winter tires use softer rubber compounds and they wear faster in the warm months.

However, switching back and forth isn’t you doubling price on paying for tires. It’s important to realize that you’re cutting the wear of your tires in half. They’ll last for twice as long because you’re only using them for half the year. As long as you’re storing them properly in a cool, dry place that’s out of the sun, you’ll be set.

The Future of All-Season

However, with technology developing, the quality of winter and all-season tires will come closer together. A type of tire called Premium Traction is designed to offer a bit more traction in wintry weather. While they can’t completely replace a winter tire yet, they’re a tempting choice for Maryland drivers that may not experience as much snow as someone in a place like Minnesota.

Stay Safe With MAIF Insurance Coverage

To truly keep you safe in wintry weather, make sure you have the MAIF insurance policy that fits all the needs for your car. From motorcycle insurance to roadside assistance coverage, we want to make sure she has everything you need. Call us or request a free quote online.

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