Driving Tips for the Elderly

So often, driving safety tips are geared towards new drivers and teenagers. But a lot changes over the course of a lifetime when it comes to driving. As a provider of MAIF car insurance, Roadway Insurance, Inc. is invested in safe driving. Below are driver safety tips for senior citizens.maif car insurance

Get Regular Hearing and Eyesight Checks

Sight and sound are the two most important senses when it comes to driving. Make sure you’re tested regularly to ensure yours are in good shape. If you’re having more trouble seeing at night and dusk than you used to, that could be a sign that it’s time to get your eyes checked. Even if you’ve had LASIK done, your eyesight will still change as you age.

Sight is crucial, of course, for seeing where you’re going. But there are many little things too you may not realize. Sight is necessary for seeing something small darting into the street, traffic signals, and turn signals and brake lights of the car in front of you.

Hearing may not seem as important to driving, but it is. It’s most important for signs of emergency or hazards, like hearing sirens or a honk of the horn. You may not notice how much you hear little things while you’re driving as well.

Check Your Medicine and Health Conditions

As we age, it’s usually more likely that we’ll have health conditions and be on prescription medications. Some of these can have side effects that don’t go well with driving. For instance, many prescription medications can make you drowsy. Certain health conditions can cause involuntary movements or other issues. Go to the doctor and do a review of how these medicines interact with you.

Choose the Right Car

It’s important to have a car that’s comfortable for you and easy to drive. Typically, we’d recommend something with an automatic transmission and a good safety rating. But there are little things to look for as well. Make sure it’s easy for you to get in and out of, ensuring that you don’t hurt yourself trying to do these things.

Take a Refresher Course

The traffic laws and rules can change a lot over a lifetime. It’s important to make sure you’re up to date with all of the latest ones. If you have a senior community organization in your town, see if they have any recommendations of where to take a refresher course.

Get MAIF Car Insurance

Of course, you want to have the right car insurance policy for your needs. Call us or request a free quote online.

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