Stay Safe With a Spring Tune Up

After a long season of winter weather, spring brings the chance to wash off the road salt and get ready for road trips. But after being exposed to the elements all winter, it’s time to take measures to make sure your car is safe and ready for the spring and summer months. Roadway Insurance, a MAIF car insurance provider, lets you know what you should get checked car insurance

Get Your Oil Changed

The temperatures fluctuate a lot over the winter and early spring months. This means your oil could be due for a change. This is especially true if you switch to a thinner viscosity oil for the colder temperatures. Take your car to a local service center and make sure they use whatever the car manufacturer recommends oil-wise for the warmer months.

Replace Those Windshield Wipers

Windshields take a beating in the winter months, which means the wipers do too. They’re wiping away dirty snow, ice, and the salt mixture used to de-ice the roads. Ice also impacts the rubber on the wipers and makes them less effective. If you’re seeing streaks and hearing a squeaky sound, they definitely need to be changed. You also may want to top off your wiper fluid if you’ve been using it frequently to get the frost off of your windshield in the morning.

Check Your Brakes and Suspension

Have you noticed any strange sounds or feelings when you press your brake pedal? How about in your steering and alignment? If you answered yes to either of these, you should get your brakes and suspension checked out. Braking in snow and ice can wear down your brakes and rotors faster than normal. Hitting potholes and driving on mismanaged roads can impact your alignment and suspension. Make sure everything is good to go with those when the weather warms.

Have the Battery Inspected

Your battery struggles more to get your car started when it’s exposed to cold temperatures. The reactions that take place to give you electricity slow down in the cold. This means that your battery could be straining throughout the winter. Even if you haven’t noticed any issues with it, it doesn’t hurt to get it checked out. Almost any auto shop should have a device to test the voltage and health of your battery.

Do a Deep Cleaning

Rarely do we want to wash and detail our cars in the winter. Salt and dirt can build up on the outside and really make your car look a mess. The salt can also eat away at the paint and metal on your car if it’s on there long enough. If you haven’t already, make sure you give it a thorough wash and wax. Put in the extra elbow grease on that first wash after the winter months. Your car deserves it.

Stay Safe With MAIF Car Insurance

Another way you can make sure you’re set for spring is to double-check that you have the right auto insurance coverage that you need. Call Roadway Insurance or get a free quote online!

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