Do I Need Rideshare Insurance?

If you’re driving for Uber or Lyft, you need MAIF car insurance that’s going to cover more than just the normal. At Roadway Auto, we can help you find the best form of rideshare insurance for you. Make sure you’re covered with exactly the insurance that’s right for your car insurance

Why is Rideshare Insurance Needed?

You probably already have personal coverage for your car. However, your personal policy probably doesn’t provide coverage when it comes to ridesharing. You probably aren’t covered until you accept a ride. This means if you have the app up and running while looking for a ride, this isn’t included in the coverage. Rideshare insurance is meant to provide coverage for those times, bridging the gap.

Why Isn’t This Gap Already Covered?

If you’re a rideshare employee, you do get some coverage from them. However, it isn’t comprehensive for everything. Their basic coverage will cover you when you’ve accepted a ride request and are driving to pick up your passenger, as well as when you’re driving your passenger to their destination. But you aren’t covered in the beginning, when you have the app up, are signed in, and are searching for a passenger.

With your personal car insurance, they typically don’t provide any coverage at all for ridesharing. If your rideshare company provides coverage at all when you’re searching for a passenger, it’s just liability insurance. This means that if you, the driver, get injured, you won’t be covered for that.

The Need for Rideshare Insurance

At Roadway Auto, we’ve partnered with Progressive Auto Insurance to provide you with that MAIF car insurance coverage for the gap. If you’re injured while you’re logged in and looking for a ride, you deserve to be covered. Our rideshare insurance is what’s going to do that. It can also give you extra coverage during the times when you’re picking up and transporting passengers, supplementing the basic coverage you already receive.

In addition, Progressive Auto Insurance provides multiple discounts so you can keep your rate low. If you opt for paperless billing and electronic transfers for funds, you can get a discount. One is also available if you’ve had prior coverage before.

MAIF Car Insurance

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