Did You Know About The Benefits Of Carpooling?

Maybe you have a long commute to work or school every day, and you are wondering about carpooling with co-workers or classmates. We can not help with the conversations in the car to and from work or school, but we can help you realize all the benefits that come from carpooling. We have made a list of the top benefits of carpooling or as some would call ride sharing.
Social Life Improvement
  • This really depends on your personality but your personality may change after spending so much time in the car with another person or a specific group of people that you work with or go to school with. You will almost be forced to chat with one another on the commute and may find out that you have more than you thought in common and now have a new friend in your life that you can make memories with.
HOV Usage
  • In our area, we have what is called HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes that are only to be used with vehicles that have more than just the driver in the vehicle. If a single driver is caught driving in the HOV lane, the ticket and consequences are severe and can be easily avoided by simply carpooling with a co-worker or classmate.
Environment Improvement
  • Each vehicle on the road will dump carbon dioxide into the environment. That being said, each person that can carpool with you, will take a vehicle off the road, even if just for the day, it will help with the carbon dioxide that is poured into the environment on a daily basis.
Shorten Commute Time
  • Just about nobody enjoys a long commute, especially when you are stuck sitting still in traffic. As noted above, the fewer cars on the road will not only help the environment but it will also mean less traffic! Every vehicle on the road can cause congestion, distractions, accidents and more. Start carpooling, saving money, help the environment and shorten your commute!

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