What Is The HOV Lane and Can I Use It?

If you are not fortunate enough to have a job that allows you to telework than you most likely have noticed the signs on 270 and 50 that are labeled “HOV,” which stands for High Occupancy Vehicle. There are several advantages to being able to ride in the HOV lane, and we are going to explain how you can make yourself eligible to travel inside the HOV lanes.


  • Carpooling with some co-workers or friends is a great way to become eligible for the HOV lane as just about all the HOV lanes in Maryland only require two or more people in the car. That means you will just need one passenger in your vehicle to enter the HOV lane.

HOV Advantages

  • Traffic

A lot of time when commuting to or from the workplace, you will notice that the traffic is congested to the point that it can cause a significant increase in your overall commute time. The HOV lanes provide faster travel times for people that are willing to sacrifice driving their own vehicles or to allow others to travel with you in your vehicle.

HOV Disadvantages

  • Violations

The only disadvantage of having an HOV lane is if you do not follow the rules and attempt to commute in the HOV without having the appropriate amount of passengers in your vehicle. If you are caught by law enforcement driving in the HOV lane without the proper amount of passengers in your vehicle, you can be issued a citation. This citation can negatively affect your auto insurance premium as well.

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