Five Things That Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium

Of course, we all know that your age and driving record have a serious impact on your insurance premium. We are going to show you five other things that have a large impact on your auto insurance premium that maybe you were unaware of. So, if your insurance premiums are higher than you think you should be paying, check out the below list of items that will affect your auto insurance premium.

One major factor, to begin with, is your geographical location. Your zip code will greatly affect your auto insurance premium, but we are not going to include that in our list as if you are on our blog, the chances are that you live in Maryland. Here are five important factors that you should check and see if they are negatively affecting your auto insurance premium.


  • Maryland is a state that allows auto insurance providers to use gender as a factor in determining an auto insurance premium because the statistics are different for females and males. Especially for the beginner driver, males are more likely to be involved in an accident as they are known to be more aggressive drivers as a novice.

Credit Score

  • Maryland is a state that will allow auto insurance providers to use your credit score as a factor when providing you with an auto insurance premium quote. Statistics show that people with a credit score under 600 tend to have a higher premium as they are more likely to file an auto insurance claim.

Previous Auto Insurance History

  • Auto insurance providers will look closely at your last auto insurance history. People with a lapse in coverage are more likely to have a higher rate as they are more likely to be involved in an accident or have a history of driving without insurance.

Marital Status

  • When you receive a quote for auto insurance, the chances are that you will be asked if you are married, single, divorced or widowed. That is because married couples tend to be less active on the road and safer drivers. Whereas single drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident whether you are single, divorced or widowed.

Type Of Vehicle

  • The type of vehicle you drive will have an impact on your rate as well. If you have a luxury vehicle or a vehicle that is prone to be stolen than your rates will surely be higher than one with extra safety features and less curb appeal to be stolen. Luxury vehicles tend to cost significantly more money to repair, resulting in a higher than the average auto insurance premium.

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