Are My Tires Ready For Summer?

Perhaps one of the most important parts of your vehicle and for sure the most obvious needed to operate is your tires. Even knowing this, you probably don’t look at your tires each time you take a drive. You should make sure to take a look before you go for a drive, even it is only a few miles away.

This is because if an accident happens, other than your brakes not working, your tires blowing out mid-drive could be the most catastrophic thing to happen, especially at high speeds. We know that everyone’s definition of high speed is different but a tire blow out can be severe at just 20mph.

OK, so now we have you looking at them, but what are you looking at and why? We have listed a few warning signs to look out for which your tires to know if they need to be replaced soon, immediately or have a professional take a look. Be sure to read what to look for carefully, because if you have an accident involving tires, your life or the life of someone else could depend on it.

What To Look For:

Tread Depth

There is a simple and very inexpensive method to check your tire tread that has been passed down upon generations. That is to grab a penny and rest it inside your tire tread pattern. If after doing so, you can still see the presidents entire head, you do not have enough tread on your tire to safely travel.

Tread Indicator

If you do not use cash anymore and have switched entirely to debit card usage or simply can not find a penny. You may be in luck as most newer tires had a tread wear indicator built it to the tire tread. It looks likes a rubber block that connects two or more pieces of tread. If this bar has received any type of wear, then you do not have enough tread to travel safely.


Take a quick profile view of your tires before entering the car and make sure your tires are not bulging in a specific spot. It sometimes looks like there is a baseball or basketball stuck inside your tire. This could be a manufacturer defect or could just be a weak spot in the tire from maybe hitting a pothole or some debris while tracking. Bulges can be common depending on where you live.

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