Driving Uninsured

Driving uninsured can cause a domino effect of problems for drivers. Auto insurance not only helps keep your vehicle covered in case of an accident or collision, but it also helps keeps you protected in case of injury. Driving uninsured puts you, your vehicle, and other drivers at risk.

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What Happens If I Drive Uninsured?

Driving without auto insurance is never a good idea. Making sure you have the coverage you need can keep you protected on the roadway. Driving uninsured can result in a lengthy list of problems that may be avoidable with proper auto insurance.

  • You can get pulled over and may receive a ticket. In most states driving uninsured may result in fines and penalties amongst other issues. Having the proper coverages can help keep you, and other drivers protected in case of an accident.
  • If an accident takes place, you are responsible for paying all the fees out of pocket. Insurance helps keep you covered in case of an accident and may cover part or all of the costs associated with an accident depending on certain factors.
  • Driving without insurance may result in a suspended license until you can prove that you are insured. The length of your license suspension depends on a number of different factors.  Even then, you are responsible for the fees associated with reinstating your license.
  • You may get you care impounded or towed. Dealing with an impounded or towed car is a hassle that most drivers don’t want to deal with. You will not be able to retrieve your care until proof of insurance is provided to the involved parties. You will also be responsible for the fees and costs associated with towing and impounding.

Don’t take the risk of driving uninsured. Take the time to get the auto insurance you need. Contact Roadway Insurance for all your auto insurance needs.

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