Comprehensive Auto Insurance

       Comprehensive auto insurance helps keeps your car protected in case of damages not caused by a collision. For instance, if your car is damaged by a:

    • falling object
    • animal hitting your car
    • fire
    • theft
    • weather
    • vandalism

    Comprehensive insurance can keep it covered. Comprehensive auto insurance does not cover damage to your or another person’s car if a collision is involved. Comprehensive auto insurance is not a requirement, but it can be beneficial to have it. Comprehensive insurance can be used in conjunction with collision and liability insurance if necessary.  Comprehensive coverage varies from state to state, so talking to your insurance carrier can help better inform you about what they have to offer.

    For older cars, comprehensive insurance may not be beneficial because the cost may outweigh the value of the car. However, for newer cars, comprehensive coverage may be a helpful addition to your insurance package. Leased or financed vehicles are usually required to have comprehensive coverage just in case of damage to their car.

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