Benefits Of An Emergency Roadside Assistance Policy

If you’re a driver you’ve most likely experienced some type of roadside emergency in your driving history.  Breakdowns, flat tires and other car emergencies can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive.  Luckily, Roadway Auto offers car insurance policies with optional Roadside Assistance Service.

Benefits of A Policy With Emergency Roadside Assistance

  • Lockout/Lost Key Assistance: For those of us who misplace our car keys and lock our keys inside the car.
  • Route Mapping:  Planning a road trip?  No problem, you can request a travel route for your destination.
  • Battery Assistance: Because sometimes you need a jumpstart at the most inconvenient time and place.
  • Tire Assistance: Don’t know how to change your tire?  Get a free tire change with your own spare.
  • Mechanical Assistance: Get help with minor mechanical problems to get your vehicle running again.  Cost of parts are not included.

Drivers with older cars and those who have lengthy commutes should consider Roadside Assistance Service due to their higher likelihood of breakdowns. Roadside Assistance and Towing service can offer peace of mind 24-hour emergency service for policy holders in the event of a road emergency.

Want to get Emergency Roadside Assistance added to your policy?  Contact a Roadway Insurance Specialist.  They can get you the right policy to fit your budget and lifestyle.





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