Safe Summer Driving

Hitting the road soon for a summer road trip? Be on the look out for some hazardous road conditions. Surprisingly, the dog days of summer have potential to be more dangerous on the roads than winter. Whether you’re a new driver or have been driving for decades, it’s best to always play it safe on the road and carry adequate car insurance no matter what the season.

Roadway Insurance provides some advice on what to do if you encounter Summer Driving Hazards…

Driving in heavy rain


The season of summer can also bring heavy downpours of rain. Heat on the surface of a road that is mixed with oil can become slick when heavy rains hit. Hydroplaning becomes a dangerous hazard that can quickly sweep a car off of a path that is safe. Also, flooding can catch motorists off guard if they are unfamiliar with terrain or unable to see where floods have overtaken the road.

Inexperienced Teenage Drivers

During summer months, school is not in session, and this means that a higher amount of teenage drivers are behind the wheel. Statistically, teens are less experienced and more likely to be the cause of or involved in a motor vehicle accidents.

Road Construction

The summer also brings out road crews and construction projects, and unfortunately, this leads to a higher rate of traffic that becomes stalled in smaller places. When congestion occurs near city construction projects or on the highway, it can lead to a larger number of incidents involving collisions between one or more automobiles.

Rough Roads

During times of winter weather, cold temperatures, snow and frozen rain take a toll on city roads and freeways. Often, potholes are left and hide in wait for unsuspecting motorists to feel their wrath. When hit at high speeds, a nasty, deep pothole can throw out alignment, blow a tire or take a vehicle off of the road.

Wild Animals

The most active period of time for deer to emerge is between the months of July through September. Deer can quickly run in front of a car and create a considerable amount of damage. A broken grill, fender and new paint job can get expensive if a person has to foot the bill.

With the possibility of these hazards during the warm season, it just makes sense to carry an adequate amount of insurance that will cover any accidents.  Contact Roadway Insurance for affordable auto insurance and be prepared for potential hazards this season.

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