Impaired Driving Prevention

Driving safety for prom, RoadwayDid you know that December is “National Impaired Driving Prevention Month?” National Impaired Driving Prevention Month aims to reduce the number accidents, injuries and deaths associated with people driving impaired. Traffic fatalities have recently increased due to intoxicated drivers. This month encourages us all to work as a community to prevent impaired driving to keep our roads, and families safe.  Driving impaired creates dangers driving conditions for everyone on the road.

Facts About Driving Impaired

  • There are over 500 accidents caused by driving impaired every December just in Maryland.
  • One third of traffic fatalities are associated with intoxicated drivers.
  • A DUI costs on average $10,000

Do not ruin this holiday season with astronomical court fees or injury to yourself or others. Roadway Auto Insurance asks our customers to drive sober, get a ride, or call a car service. Have fun, but do not drive drunk.

Help Keep Our Roads Safe

  • If you see someone driving recklessly, call 911.
  • Try to encourage friends and family to call an UBER or Taxi
  • Plan for a designated driver
  • If you have not been drinking, offer others who have a ride home.

Roadway and Maryland Auto Insurance Fund wants everyone to arrive to their holiday celebrations alive.

Roadway Auto Insurance will keep you and your car covered this holiday season. Roadway partners with MAIF  to cover all Maryland drivers, no matter what their driving record is. Proper auto insurance is required in the state of Maryland. Make sure you keep proof of your Maryland Auto Insurance in your car at all times.
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