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Stop Texting While Driving - HighwayAuto insurance is required by the state of Maryland for every car you own. Insurance can become an expensive and stressful responsibility. Roadway understands you depend on us to keep you covered, so you keep living your life. Connect with a Roadway provider to find out how to get the right plan for the right price. We are the leading provider of Maryland Auto Insurance Fund policies and work with a large number of other carriers to get you the best possible policy at the lowest possible cost.

Cost is a huge concern when purchasing car insurance. If the rates you qualify for are still too high, you may want to consider Maryland Auto Insurance Fund payment plan. Roadway may be able to offer you reduced deductibles with bonus features.

Roadway wants you to get the best premiums possible. Here are a few tips on how to keep your auto insurance costs down:

1.Drive Smart & Safe
Staying alert, obeying traffic laws, and paying any violation tickets on time, are all good ways to avoid higher premiums. Avoiding accidents and obeying laws means fewer insurance claims – keeping your annual premium at a lower rate.

2. Don’t Over Report
Little bumps and scratches are normal and expected wear on a car. Pay out of pocket for any minor incidents that aren’t affecting the safety of the vehicle, or you. Paying for minor incidents without filing a claim will keep your rates lower, and save money long term.

3. Get The Right Coverage
Not every car needs the same type of insurance. If you own your car 100%, then you may not need comprehensive coverage. Make sure you have the correct insurance for the make, model and age of the vehicle you own.

Contact a Roadway consultant today to find the right coverage for your auto needs.
Are insurance companies giving you a hard time? Are you unable to qualify for other insurance policies? Many insurance companies will drop you if you you have too many accidents or unpaid tickets. Maryland Auto Insurance Fund has you covered, regardless of your current situation.

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