Fender Benders

roadside service after accidentFender benders are bound to happen at some point. Especially during this busy holiday season. Everyone is rushing around trying to finish up last minute shopping. Winter weather may make the roads wet or icy which could cause accidents. From parking lot back up bumps to highway traffic fender benders, it is important to know what to do incase of a minor accident.

Roadway Auto Insurance offers some safety tips for fender benders.

Stay calm and make sure everyone in all cars are okay. Getting agitated only adds to the stress, accidents happen and are often out of our control. Speak to the other drivers calmly and with respect.

For minor accidents, it is always best to relocate the cars involved to a safe space. If you are on the highway, pull off to the shoulder. In a parking lot, move your cars out of the main aisle so that traffic patterns are not disrupted. Keeping your car where it may require traffic to reroute could cause additional accidents. Once safe, notify the police.

Make sure you exchange essential personal information with all cars involved. Having this information will help ease the process of reporting your accident to your insurance provider. Roadway always wants to make your incident report as seamless as possible. It is always smart to be covered and have all the information you may need. Keep yourself covered with Roadways Auto Insurance.

Roadway recommends that you gather the following information for each driver:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • License Plate Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Make and Model of Vehicles

Even if you have had many fender benders, or have been dropped by other insurance companies, Roadway can work with Maryland Auto Insurance Fund to get you and your car properly covered. Contact your local Roadway agent today or find a FREE Maryland auto insurance quote online.

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