Spring Car Maintenance

Now that mild weather is upon us in the Mid Atlantic, car owners can comfortably spring clean their cars and perform any spring vehicle maintenance outdoors.  Even if your vehicle is cared for with regular scheduled maintenance at the mechanic you should still  prepare your car for spring with a few simple steps…

Spring Car Cleaning

Man in a convertible

After you’ve throughly cleaned the inside and outside of your car be sure to apply a layer of wax to protect the paint from pollen and potential springtime sap (as well as those springtime birds).  A windshield protectant can also be applied to keep visibility clear during April showers.

Check Your Tires

After the long winter of snow, ice and salt roads have become besieged with potholes that can do a great amount of damage to your vehicle and its tires. A visual inspection can be done to check your tire’s tread, but to take it a step further you can perform a DIY method using a coin.  Take a penny and insert it into a groove in the tire with Lincoln’s head facing you upside down.  If you can see all of his head, it’s time for new tires because your tread is less than 2/32 inch.

Breath Easier & See More Clearly

Most drivers in the area are feeling the affects of pollen in the air.  Change your air filter (or have your mechanic do it) to keep you breathing easier and to keep your car clean and fresh.  Don’t neglect your wiper blades until it’s too late!  Sudden downpours of spring showers can make visibility difficult with worn wiper blades.  Most wiper blades are easily replaced with kits from the auto parts store.

Check Your Car Insurance Policy

Has winter left you with a less-than-stellar driving history?  Roadway Insurance accepts all drivers, regardless of their driving history.  Call a Roadway Auto Insurance Specialist today to get a free quote and get back on the road!


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