What to do if you car breaks down

No car owner wants to be faced with the inconvenience of their vehicle breaking down on  the road, but it can and will happen to most.  In addition to being cautious out there drivers should be aware of how to handle the situation and keep yourself, your passengers, and your car out of harm’s way.

Here are a few simple steps to follow whether you’ve found yourself in a precarious situation on the highway or on a quiet cul-de-sac…

  1. Tow Truck WreckFirst, turn on your hazard lights!  This will signal and alert other drivers that you have a situation.  Keep the lights on until your vehicle is safely running again or until it is safely towed.
  2. If your vehicle is still moving, turn your turn signal on and pull over to the right hand shoulder if possible.  Better yet, pull into a parking lot or vacant area off of the highway or road.
  3. After you are safely pulled off of the road, place your car in park with the emergency brake on.
  4. If  you can, safely exit the vehicle, otherwise stay seated with your seat belt fastened unless you suspect a vehicle fire.
  5. Place a call to your roadside assistance provider, a tow truck, or call 911 if the situation turns dangerous for you or others.
  6. To alert other drivers of your situation you may place flares and/or open your vehicle’s hood to signal a breakdown.
  7. Sit tight and wait for help to get your vehicle going again.  It is never safe to work on your car on the side of the road.

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