Is It Time To Get New Brakes..?

Fixing Brakes, Roadway
Look and Listen.. These are the best ways to know if you need new brakes. You should always see about 1/4″ of your brake pad. If not, time to call your mechanic. If you hear a high screeching sound every time you hit the brakes that’s a sign that its time to get your brakes done.

If you experience any of the following it’s time to call your mechanic:

Fading or Not Responding-
If your brakes don’t have that usual responsiveness, or “bite”, there may be a leak.

If your brakes pull to the left or right they could be worn and need to be adjusted.

Grinding or Growling Noise
Grinding and/or Growling means pads are completely worn out and you should get to your mechanic as soon as possible.

If your brakes seem to vibrate they could be warped.

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