Get Your Car Ready for a Change of Weather…

ThinkstockPhotos-520439465Fall is an important time to find issues before they become emergencies. Properly preparing your vehicle for the next season of driving is essential for the safety of all passengers and will also greatly decrease the chance of your vehicle disappointing you.

The most basic car maintenance usually means checking your tires, oil levels , battery, and wiper blades. The cost to fix any issues will probably be minimal up front, but checking problems now can save you major expenses down the road. There are also other things you can check out before taking the car to a certified technician.

Check the following as your Do-It-Yourself Car Care Checklist :

-Battery Cables and Terminals
-Drive Belts
-Engine Hoses
-Air Filter
-Tire Pressure
-Coolant Levels
-Wiper Blades

Simple regular maintenance on your car can make the difference between reliability and breakdowns – especially in the fall months.

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