Be Ready for Summer Road Trips With Roadway!

ThinkstockPhotos-473420474Now that summer is off to an unofficial start the vacation road trips will soon begin!  Before hitting the road, Roadway Insurance would like to remind drivers of some summer safety travel tips.

As with any season, preventative maniantenece should be performed on your vehicle prior to any road trip.  Getting your car is good travel condition includes servicing your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Safety Checklist

  • Tires- check their air pressure, tread and make sure you have a working spare.
  • Belts & Hoses- check for signs of wear under the hood and make sure connections are secure.
  • Wipers- inspect for excessive wear and tear.
  • Cooling system- check the level and condition of coolant.
  • Fluid levels- be sure to check oil, brake, transmission, power steering, and windshield washer fluids.
  • Lights- do a spot check on all vehicle lights.
  • Air Conditioning- check for proper functioning before travel on the sweltering summer days!

The summer months usually mean more driving, including long drives to vacation destinations.  If you’ve had to put summer driving destination plans on hold due to high insurance rates or the inability to obtain auto insurance, contact Roadway Auto Insurance to get a quote and get back on the road. Maryland requires all drivers to maintain a certain level of insurance, and the agents at Roadway are there to help you meet those requirements within a budget you can afford- they offer discounted rates even if your driving record is “less than perfect”.

Roadway Auto Insurance provides its Maryland and Washington, DC customers with some of the most competitive auto insurance rates in the area. They make it easy to either come in or call to find the best rates around and they work with multiple insurance carriers so they can offer more than one option!

Roadway Auto Insurance is also the top provider of MAIF (Maryland Auto Insurance Fund) coverage. If you have been dropped or denied by other insurance companies, contact Roadway to establish a MAIF policy- no one is turned down!

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