Motorcycle Coverage With Roadway

The state of Maryland requires special liability coverage for all motorcycle drivers. The minimum liability that motorcycle drivers must have is, per person bodily injury for $30,000, two or more people bodily injury for $60,000 and property damage for $15,000. In the state of Maryland all motorcycles must have insurance in order to ride on the road. Regardless of what type of motorcycle you drive, Roadway Insurance will find the perfect motorcycle insurance for your needs.

A couple rides their motorcycle on a curvy road toward the viewer.

Discounts are given to those who insure more then one vehicle, keep a clean driving record and pay their premiums on time. There are also discounts for those with safe driving records, completion of the safety course for motorcycle drivers, group member discounts and for motorcycles that are kept in a garage. Your coverage will protect not only you but your passenger, and other people’s property that might get damaged in an accident.

Choosing the right policy can be made easier with the helpful suggestions from the Roadway agent. The agent will know how to select a policy to meet your budget and you needs. With a short list of questions about where you live, work, driving record a policy can be found quickly. Over the years, you and your agent can modify your policy as your life changes.

Some accidents can not be avoided. Wildlife runs into the roadway, mechanical problems, negligent car drivers and hazards in the road all may cause an accident. With full coverage on your motorcycle you will have the peace of mind that your bike, you and anyone or anything else will be covered. No one likes to be in an accident, but if you are, you will feel better knowing you carry the proper insurance.

Comprehension and collision coverage can also cover damage to your motorcycle. Some custom made motorcycles have very expensive parts to replace if damaged in an accident. Roadway Insurance can help anyone with the proper insurance. Even if you have had your insurance cancelled or you have a bad record on file, Roadway of Maryland has competitive rates that can fill your insurance needs.

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