Spring Forward! & Other Helpful Reminders From Roadway Insurance

Roadway Insurance reminds you to “spring forward” this weekend and turn your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed this Saturday night!  And while our current weather does not reflect the coming of spring, Roadway Insurance would like to remind you of some tips for driving in icy conditions…

Winter auto insurance

  • Stay safe & stay home:  if it is not a necessity to drive in the snow or ice, don’t.
  • Take your time: accelerate and decelerate slowly. It takes longer to slow down in ice & snow.
  • Don’t gun the gas pedal to make it up hills: It will only cause your wheels to start spinning.
  • Drive a space distance away from the car in front of you: at least eight to ten seconds behind.
  • Try not to come to a complete stop when going uphill. Get moving slowly on a flat surface to ensure the power for an uphill climb and slowly make your way back down.

Roadway Insurance also reminds you to never drive without insurance– it’s against the law. Maryland requires all drivers to maintain a certain level of insurance, and the agents at Roadway are there to help you meet those requirements within a budget you can afford- they offer discounted rates even if your driving record is “less than perfect”. One of our MAIF Insurance specialists can help evaluate your present coverage, make recommendations for any additional coverages, and keep you covered at a price you can afford.

Roadway Auto Insurance