New MD Law: Use of Cell Phones Banned While Driving

MD drivers: new laws take effect October 1st banning use of cell phones while driving!

Maryland recently passed legislation that nine other states have already adopted banning the use of hand held devices while driving. This new set of laws banning the use of cell phones will take effect on October 1, 2013!

It will now be possible for drivers to be pulled over and ticketed for using a hand held device while driving in an effort to crack down on distracted driving in Md. Drivers ticketed for this offense will be charged $100.

Currently, the District of Columbia is the closest jurisdiction with a similar law. The new law being initiated on October 1st will allow the use of hands free devices, such as blue tooth. Many critics of the new legislation are concerned that drivers can be just as distracted using hands free devices that allow them to have a phone conversation while driving.

Distracted driving has been the cause of many fatal accidents in recent years, many involving teen drivers, and activists have been lobbying for this type of legislation in the hopes of sending a clear message as to the dangers of driving while using a cell phone and reducing the number of accidents involving hand held devices.

While blue tooth technology is allowed under this new legislation, Maryland drivers should consider the risks of driving while engaged in a phone conversation using blue tooth. The majority of major roads in Maryland are heavily travelled, especially at rush hour times of the day, and drivers need to be focused on the task of driving to help ensure everyone’s safety!

Remember- safe drivers will pay smaller premiums for auto insurance!

Consider taking the Maryland Distracted Driving Pledge on October 1st and help make our roads safer by putting away cell phones while driving.

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