Save On Premiums

Roadway Insurance understands that paying for car insurance every month can take a bite out of your family’s budget. Our agents have many years of experience providing car insurance policies to clients with a wide range of needs and budgets- and they can help you save money on YOUR monthly premium with these great tips.

Ways To Save

The most important part of saving money on your premium is to stay in touch with your Roadway agent. This enables us to offer personalized advice based on your driving record, car age, and other factors that influence your premium.

  • Drive Safely: improving your driving record will only help your monthly premium, so drive safely at all times and adjust your driving for weather and traffic conditions as necessary. Aggressive and reckless driving can result in heavy fines and points if you are pulled over, as well as increase your risk of being in an accident.
  • Change Your Deductible: the amount of your deductible, or what you will pay when filing a claim, is adjustable. A low deductible will often mean a higher monthly premium. You can reduce your monthly bill by raising the deductible on your policy at any time.
  • Evaluate Your Policy: as your car ages or your daily driving habits change, you can evaluate your coverage and often save on your monthly premium. Reducing collision for an older car and changing the number of miles you typically drive can often mean a lower premium.
  • Bundle Insurance: if several members of your family are on the same insurance policy, everyone can save on their monthly bill.
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