Is Your Car Winter Weather Ready?

Staying safe while driving in winter weather conditions can be tricky. From snow blindness to icy patches on the road, there are plenty of ways you could be at risk for ending up in an accident. While a MAIF insurance policy can help lessen the financial impact of an accident, avoiding them altogether is best. Maryland winters may be more subdued than other parts of the country, but it’s still crucial that you prepare ahead of time and stay safe.

MAIF INSURANCE can help protect you financially after a winter accident

Tips for Staying Safe With MAIF Insurance

Car insurance can be great if you get into an accident. And while your policy may cover injuries or property damage financially, there’s still a lot of stress and hassle that follows an accident. Staying safe and keeping your car in winter-ready conditions is the best way to avoid these additional headaches.

Check Your Tires

While you likely won’t need snow tires in Maryland, you should still make sure your tires are in good condition. Tires can lose air pressure when the temperature drops, so make sure you pay attention to any warning lights and pump up your tires as needed. It’s also a good idea to check that your treads are healthy. Tire treads help you keep a good grip when driving over icy or watery roads.

Check Your Fluids

Chances are you already have car oil and windshield washer fluid that has antifreeze properties. But if you don’t, or you’re not sure if you do, then it’s a good idea to check and get them swapped out. Plows and salt trucks can kick up a lot of spray on your windshield. And if you try to clean it with normal washer fluid, you can quickly develop ice on your windshield, obstructing your view.

Add Polish and Wax

Winter can leave a lot of small debris on the road. And as you drive, that debris can get kicked around and knocked against the side of your car. With enough force and repetition, this can quickly strip away your paint. While a bad paint job isn’t likely to lead to an accident on its own, it’s also not likely to be covered by insurance. Getting your car polished and waxed early on can help protect your car.

Have an Emergency Kit Handy

Even if you maintain your car properly, things can still go wrong. While tow trucks and emergency responses are much more efficient in this day and age, you can’t always guarantee a quick escape from a broken-down car. And in the freezing weather, you could end up with a variety of health problems when exposed to the cold.

Having a winter weather emergency kit can help keep you safe and get you out of some tricky situations. For example, say your car gets stranded or stuck on an icy patch of road. Having some sand or cat litter on hand can help provide additional traction to get your car free.

Get MAIF Insurance Today

Staying safe during winter isn’t easy, but if you do get into an accident, having car insurance is invaluable. Call Roadway Insurance today at 301.476.1183 to schedule an initial meeting and discuss your options for Maryland car insurance.

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