Drive Safely This Halloween

With Halloween coming up, it’s a good idea to drive prepared. Trick-or-treaters and partygoers may cross the street when you least expect it. More pedestrians means you need to be more careful when you’re driving in neighborhoods. At Roadway Auto Insurance, your Maryland auto insurance provider, we want drivers to navigate the roads safely this Halloween.

Drive Safely This Halloween

Halloween Driving Tips From Your Maryland Auto Insurance Provider

Follow these driving tips to ensure that you drive safely this Halloween:

Use Your Headlights

Sunset comes early in autumn, so make sure your headlights are on when driving at twilight. Visibility may be low, and you want to be aware of other drivers and pedestrians once the sun sets.

Turn Down Your Music

Whether you’re listening to the radio or your own music, you want to be able to hear what’s happening on the road and in your immediate surroundings. Don’t blast your music; make sure you can hear what’s outside your car.

Don’t Use Your Phone

Many drivers text or call people while they’re driving. Phone use is becoming a leading cause of car accidents because of how distracting they can become. If you need directions, turn on the voice for your GPS. Additionally, if you must take a call, pull over first.

Use Your Mirrors and Camera

If you are backing in and out of your driveway, check your rearview mirrors or backup camera. You never know if someone is walking or running on the sidewalk behind you.

Look at Crosswalks and Sidewalks

It’s important to pay attention to pedestrians crossing at stoplights or crosswalks. However, it’s also important to be aware of pedestrians jaywalking. Scan the sidewalks ahead of your vehicle as you drive; excited trick-or-treaters may cross in front of you.

Reduce Your Speed

Stay at or below the speed limit in your neighborhood based on pedestrian traffic. You never know when you will need to stop for pedestrians or for other vehicles dropping off trick-or-treaters.

Make Sure Your Costume Doesn’t Interfere

If you’re driving and wearing a bulky costume, it may be a good idea to wait to wear your costume when you reach your destination. A costume with many moving parts can lower your reaction time or your visibility of the road.

Don’t Drive Intoxicated

Drinking and driving are responsible for a large number of casualties every Halloween. Be responsible. If you’re drinking on Halloween and need a ride home, ask a sober friend or book a ride service like Lyft or Uber.

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