How Dangerous is Texting and Driving?

A quick text while driving may not seem like a big deal. However, not focusing on driving for just a couple of seconds can lead to a crash. At Roadway Auto Insurance, we want Maryland drivers to say safe on the road. Texting while driving is not exclusive to teenagers; everyone who drives, regardless of age, should keep their eyes on the road. Here, we will explore some of the most common consequences of texting while driving, from accidents to insurance increases.

How Dangerous is Texting and Driving?

Risks of Texting While Driving

It’s never a good idea to use your phone while driving. You can run into many risks if you text or look at your phone while you’re driving:

Missing Signs and Turns

Many drivers can overcorrect if they almost miss a turn, putting other drivers at risk by cutting them off. Missing a turn or a sign outright can add more time to your trip. Paying attention and following directions can prevent accidents and longer trip times.

Receiving Tickets

In 2010, operating a hand-held phone while driving in Maryland became illegal. If the police pull you over for using your phone while driving, you can get a misdemeanor and pay $70 in addition to court fees. It is only permissible to use a phone in an emergency while driving. Drivers under 18 cannot use phones while driving.

Getting into an Accident

If you look away from the road for just a moment, you can cause an accident. Sudden slowdowns, red lights, or traffic can lead to fender benders and more severe accidents. Penalties for using your phone while driving are higher in the event of an accident. Distracted driving can cause thousands of accidents a year.

Putting Pedestrians in Danger

You may fail to see crossing pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists, who are more in danger from car accidents than other drivers if you are texting while driving. About 20% of people involved in distracted driving accidents are pedestrians. Save lives and prevent injuries by staying focused on the road, especially at lights and crossing.

Insurance Increases

If you are found to be using your phone while driving, especially if you cause an accident, you can see a significant increase in the cost of your auto insurance. On average, drivers can see an increase of at least 20 to 25 percent. It can also take months to see a decrease in your insurance rate.

Protect yourself and others while driving, and stay off your phone. If you need to take a call or text, pull over first. Contact Roadway Auto Insurance for Maryland car insurance coverage today at 301-476-1183. You may also get a free car insurance quote online. We’re here to help you get the right coverage for your vehicle and your budget.

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