Maintaining Your Uber or Lyft Vehicle

Are you an Uber or Lyft driver? Knowing the requirements and standards for your vehicle is one of the first steps to ensuring you’re ready to be a rideshare driver. Here we will review the top tips on how to maintain your rideshare vehicle in Maryland. At Roadway Auto Insurance, we provide auto insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers. Through Progressive, we help drivers get coverage in the case of an emergency or accident.

Maintain Your Rideshare Vehicle in Maryland

Maintaining Your Rideshare Vehicle in Maryland

There are multiple tips to keep in mind when you maintain your Uber or Lyft vehicle:

Keep the Interior and Exterior Clean

Regular washing and cleaning on the inside and outside of the car can increase Uber and Lyft ratings. It’s important to create a comfortable, sanitary environment for customers. You can keep cleaning equipment in your trunk to clean spills or stains that can occur in your car. Regularly wash the outside of your car, removing dirt, mud, and snow from the exterior.

Check the Tires

Rough road conditions, especially in cities, can heavily impact rideshare drivers who frequently drive over potholes or uneven streets. Regular alignment checks help keep the tires stable. Checking the tire tread can prevent problems when driving. Low air pressure can also make driving more dangerous. As soon as you notice a change in your tire pressure, whether it’s from weather changes or a tire leak, make sure you get it patched up or replace the tire.

Keep Correct Fluid Levels

Ensuring that you have fresh engine oil and enough oil for proper engine function can prevent many vehicle problems. Engine oil helps lubricate the engine and keeps all of the parts of the engine running smoothly. Regularly checking radiator or coolant levels can also prevent the engine from heating up. Transmission fluid also ensures that the gearshift is lubricated and working properly. Keeping the right fluid levels prevents problems with the engine and gearshift box.

Check the Brakes

Continuous driving can put stress on the brakes and brake pads. Make sure that your brake pads aren’t worn down. Worn brake pads lead to slow response time and grind on the brake rotors, which slow down the vehicle. If you notice grinding, squealing, or clicking noises when you brake, make sure you get your brakes checked.

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