What Factors Affect My Auto Insurance?

If you’re looking for auto insurance, you may wonder what factors influence your insurance coverage and cost. Each state has different requirements, with different minimums and required coverage. However, several factors across the board can affect your auto insurance in Maryland. At Roadway Auto Insurance, we want drivers to be aware of these factors when choosing an auto insurance plan. We work with Maryland drivers to find the best plan for their vehicle.

Auto Insurance in Maryland

What Affects Auto Insurance in Maryland?

There are many factors that go into the cost and type of auto insurance you buy:

Driving Experience

Your age and experience as a driver can impact your insurance. Younger or newer drivers are more likely to get into accidents because they have less experience on the road. Typically, insurance rates decrease after age 25. The number of years you have been driving impacts insurance, as teen drivers can pay more for their auto insurance.


Your zip code can also have an effect on your auto insurance. For example, drivers in big cities have a higher risk of accidents than drivers in more rural areas of Maryland. Moving to a different state will also impact the cost of your insurance because each state can have different rates.

Car Make and Model

The type of car you drive also can impact your insurance. More expensive or luxury vehicles require more coverage because of additional features and a larger engine. Standard car models can also have better safety ratings, which can lower your auto insurance rate. Additionally, if you buy a new car, insurance will be higher than a used car or car you have owned for multiple years.

Driving and Claims History

Drivers with no accidents have lower auto insurance rates overall. However, if you have marks on your record, they can indicate you as a high-risk driver. High-risk drivers are more likely to get into accidents and have higher auto insurance rates. Different driving infractions also increase your insurance. Some of the most common violations include reckless driving, DUI, driving without a license, driving 30 mph over the speed limit, and failure to stop.

Credit Score

Your credit score can impact the cost of your insurance. Drivers with better credit scores typically get better rates. Like with renting or buying a house, credit scores can be a marker of a responsible owner or driver. Credit-based insurance scores and insurance. claims are connected.

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