Do You Know Your Traffic Signs?

Affordable Auto Insurance in MarylandAre you headed out on a summer road trip? Maybe you are studying to pass an upcoming driving exam? Regardless, it is always helpful to review common traffic signs before hitting the road. Traffic signs are divided into three different classifications: regulatory, warning, and guide. Learn more about the three different classifications of traffic signs below:

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are typically the signs that are red and white. They must be obeyed to avoid traffic accidents. Examples of regulatory signs include “Do Not Enter” signs, which usually signify that there is danger ahead and likely traffic coming toward you from that direction. Other regulatory signs include a circle with a red line through it, which always means “No.” If you see a sign with a red line through it, covering an arrow pointing in a specific direction, this means that you should not turn in that direction under any circumstances. The rectangular, “Wrong Way,” sign is another common regulatory sign to keep your eyes out for. If you see one of these signs facing your direction, you are driving against traffic. Pull over to the side and, when safe, turn around.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are usually yellow and will advise you on potential hazards ahead so you can adjust your speed accordingly. If you have ever seen a yellow sign with a deer printed on it, this is a common warning sign signaling to drivers that they should slow down because deer may be nearby. A chevron sign, or multiple chevron signs, usually aligns with a sharp curve in the road to warn drivers that they will need to significantly slow their speed to successfully complete the turn. A warning sign with the word, “Bump,” on it lets drivers know to expect a large bump in the road, which may disrupt their speed if not properly adjusted. Other warning signs include signs that showcase a winding road or a dead end. These signs are helpful for drivers because they allow them to prepare for road conditions that would be otherwise unknown.

Guide Signs

Horizontal, rectangular signs are usually guide signs that show drivers directional information or mileage to specific destinations. This includes highway route markers, street signs, mile markers, exit signs, toll road signs, logo service, and rest area signs. These signs are helpful for drivers who are driving long distances and may be unfamiliar with the area in which they are in. Keep a look out for guide signs, as they can help you quickly locate yourself in case of an emergency. Before heading out on your next road trip, make sure you have the auto insurance you need. Roadway Auto Insurance provides affordable auto insurance to Maryland drivers. Get a free quote today!  

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